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KNC Tamper Evident Labels

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The KC and KNC tamper evident labels have a covert feature.
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The KC and KNC tamper evident labels have a covert feature.

The KC will leave a UV 'Void' footprint on the surface, whereas the KNC leaves no residue when removed.

Leaves UV removable void residue on sealed surface. UV light assist in seal checking.

Product Features

A clear vinyl material with a high tack adhesive where the security message is also produced as a transparent image. In most cases any design or customised text on the face is carried out with U.V. (invisible) foil blocking or screen-printing and sequential numbering can be in any color. Both types of labels come as a stock (3-3/8" x 1") seal but larger quantities can be produced to a customer specification.

Type KC is a clear vinyl label with an aggressive adhesive whereby a “covert” logo can be printed on the surface. You can use an “Identilite” UV light to read the logo. It leaves a residue on the surface.The primary use is for product packaging so that the shipper knows that this exact label was affixed at the factory and, therefore, the goods within are authentic and not counterfeit.

Type KNC  is also a clear vinyl covert voiding label. More than a few airlines want a security label that blends in with the interior design and is not obtrusive. This label also works well externally on hatch covers as required by the TSA and does not leave a residue.

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