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Intermodal II

Product #
ISO Certified
The Intermodal II Bolt container seals are designed for ISO containers and high value cargo shipments.
This Intermodal II is Neon Yellow marked SEALED with sequential numbering.
$450.00 $180.00 per carton of 100


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The Intermodal II is an ISO 17712:2013 compliant high security bolt seal which consists of a steel bolt and a plastic-coated steel locking chamber.

The Intermodal II container seals are designed for ISO containers and high value cargo shipments.


  • Truck & Trailer Doors
  • Box Car Doors
  • Intermodal Containers

Product Specifications

  • Made of carbon steel with zinc chromate finish
  • ABS plastic body on locking case
  • Average pull-apart force is 4,713 lbs (2,138 kg, 21.0 kN)


  • Stock seals have white locking cases and are lasered with "SEALED"
  • Characters are 1/4" (6.35mm) high
  • Heat stamping or laser barcode marking also available


  • Standard Packaging: 10 Bolts/Bag - 10 Locking Ends/Bag
  • 250 Seals per Carton
  • Carton Dimensions: 11" x 11" x 7" (28cm x 28cm x 18cm)
  • Carton Weight: 47 lbs (22 kg)

Product Number

  • 9254095-C - 3/8" (9mm) straight bolt, lazed locking case w/steel insert
  • Note: C denotes color selection

This is a great complement to our bolt seals and cable seals within the security seals applications

Product Features

  • ISO 17712:2013 and C-TPAT compliant.
  • Locking insert spins freely to confirm seal integrity.
  • High impact plastic cover on locking chambers clearly indicates tampering.
  • Removed with bolt cutters.
  • Metal locking end encased in a consecutively numbered, colored body.
  • Bolt is 3.5” (89mm) long and 3/8” (9.5 mm) in diameter.
  • 'H' on bottom of body base indicating 'High Security'.
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