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  1. Cambridge found liable for “misappropriation of trade secrets, engaging in unfair competition & unjust enrichment”

    On June 5, 2017, the Second US Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a ruling that found Cambridge Security Seals misappropriated trade secrets, engaged in unfair competition, and unjustly enriched themselves by hiring former TydenBrooks employees. 

  2. Tyden Brooks® Announces New Anchor Security Seals for Immediate Purchase Online

    TydenBrooks announces newest anchor security seals available for immediate purchase on the web. The NL-2 & NL-3 Anchor Seals are available for purchase to ship in just two days!

  3. TydenBrooks Tamper Evident Container Security Seals Protect Against Stolen Cargo

    TydenBrooks’ tamper evident security seals for containers helps its customers from food and beverage to electronics to building supplies prevent unauthorized access to cargo, safeguarding goods against theft and contamination.

  4. Tamper Evident Security Tapes, Security Labels by TydenBrooks

    TydenBrooks brings convenient access to tamper evident security tapes and security labels its highly successful quick ship “Get It Now” program. This will help certain industries comply with government regulations.

  5. TydenBrooks Announces Security Tapes & Labels for Immediate Purchase Online

    TydenBrooks has expanded the products offered for immediate purchase on its Web site with a full-service, e-commerce capability to order various cargo and valuables-in-transit security tapes and labels online. The ‘BUY IT NOW, GET IT NOW’ program ( has been expanded to include standard versions of 7 types of tapes and labels for immediate purchase.

  6. TydenBrooks Offers FSMA Compliant Security Seals

    TydenBrooks announced support of its food customers who need to comply with the new Food Safety Modernization Act taking effect this month. These new regulations require that food companies adopt more stringent security and safety measures in food production, transportation, receiving and storage to keep the U.S. food supply safe.

  7. Buy Security Seals on – Right Now!

    It’s official – you can now buy standard, stocked version of TydenBrooks’ high-quality security seals on our site, and have them shipped in 2 business days. Get our security seals in standard versions – select colors, sizes, markings, and sequential numbering – without waiting for the long lead times and paying the higher costs for custom versions.

  8. TydenBrooks Wins Lawsuit Against Cambridge Security Seals

    Jury's decision ends lengthy litigation, and awards TydenBrooks damages for inappropriate misappropriation of proprietary trade secrets.

  9. Bolt Seal Removal Instructions

    TydenBrooks instructional video of how to remove Bolt Seals in various applications.

  10. New Truck Seals Keep Close Eye On Imports

    Commercial trucks are moving legal commodities across the border to transport tons of marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamines and other narcotics. One of the principal goals of the seals is to make it more difficult for organized crime to use trucks for such purposes.

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