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Tamper Evident Bags & Additional Products

Track & Trace

Track and Trace Security Seals offer just as they are named, the ability to identify, track and trace a product. The seals themselves can be made of plastic, metal, or a combination of materials. They can incorporate advanced technology such as RFID and other electronic surveillance methods. They are used across industries for a multitude of purposes. Track and Trace security products can grant building access and track an employee, they can track regulated live stock, monitor commercial and recreation fishing and hunting programs, and track valuable cargo as it travels by truck, rail or ship across the country.

Security Seals, Tools & Accessories

In addition to plastic and metal security seals, there are hybrid seas that combine both metal and plastic. The indicative padlock is an example, that offers the security of metal plus the tamper evidence of plastic. Additional materials, such as rubber, are also used for security seals, the MD seal is an example of this. Finally, some security seals, mainly high security seals such as bolts and cables, may require special tools to apply or remove the seal. Bolt breakers and crimping tools are examples.

Name Badges & Packaging Enhancements by Stoffel

Name Badges are used in a variety of industries such as restaurants and retail to offer a consistent company-wide identification system and a way to brand your company, personalize your message and communicate promotional offers. Magnetic badges offer convenient employee access control and trackability and can be used as a rewards program or credit card. RFID Badges are used only for access control and trackability.

Packaging Enhancements: No matter the industry, the goals of packaging are the same, to create a unique brand identity and communicate personality. Through a variety of manufacturing processes such as metal casting, aluminium stamping and plastic injection molding. Stoffel packaging enhancements such as seals and medallions, help to distinguish your brand from all others.

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