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Tools and Accessories

TydenBrooks provides a wide variety of tools & accessories for use in bolt & cable seal removal as well as sealing wire for use with indicative wire seals. Depending on your job, TydenBrooks can offer you bolt cutters, cable cutters, sealing tools and sealing wires. Our industrial tools are sure to get the job done, no matter the requirements. Please view our selection of tools & accessories below:

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  • Alucast Sealing Tool

    Alucast Sealing Tool

    Sealing Press used with the Alucast 911.
  • Bolt Cutters

    Bolt Cutters

    TydenBrooks offers a full line of center-cut bolt cutters to remove our bolt container seals.
  • Industrial Cable Cutters

    Cable Cutters

    These high quality, Swiss-made cable cutters have a triangular cutting system which reduces the effort required to cut cable without crushing the cable.
  • ProngLok Sealing Tool

    ProngLok Sealing Tool

    The ProngLok Pro-4 Sealing Press is a sealing tool used to secure the ProngLok Pro-4 crimp security seals.
  • Sealing wires

    Sealing Wires

    A variety of sealing wires are available for your sealing requirements. Wires are available in pre-cut lengths and on spools where specified.
  • Pre-cut wire

    Wire, Pre-Cut

    Cut wire is available in the following material: galvanized, copper, stainless steel, monel and nybrad, a non-conductive nylon material.

6 Item(s)

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