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Indicative Seals

Indicative Seals from TydenBrooks are a low-cost, highly effective way to secure shipments, equipment, facilities and other areas of your operation which require a chain of custody or assurance of physical security. Our tamper evident security seals are available in a wide variety of styles since not all containers or equipment can be effectively sealed with the same device. Indicative Seals are designed to be tamper evident in order to indicate any attempt of intrusion or tampering. For your convenience, our tamper evident security seals do not require application or removal tools.

Adjustable Length Seals

TydenBrooks manufactures adjustable plastic security seals such as pull tight plastic straps and other plastic strap seals. This type of plastic security seal allows the user to cinch-up the seal according to their specific size requirements.

Fixed Length Seals

Our fixed length plastic security seals are tamper-evident, can be barcoded and offer flexibility. Browse our selection of fixed length security seals below to find the best seal to suit your needs.

Plastic Padlock Seals

TydenBrooks offers a comprehensive line of tamper evident padlock seals including plastic padlock seals. These one time use tamper evident padlock seals ideal for use where traditional padlocks have been used.

Wire Hasp Seals

TydenBrooks' Wire Hasp Seals are wire and plastic security padlock seals that can be used in a variety of applications to prevent tampering, theft, and unauthorized access.
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