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General Security

If your company makes and delivers products, those products are at risk when they're in transit. For over 140 years, TydenBrooks has innovated and applied unique and diverse supply chain security solutions to protect virtually any product, at any point in the custody chain - from transit, to storage, to inspection, to inventory, to exchange, to the maintenance of security and safety equipment, and all points in between. No application is too specialized or complex - call us to see what our 140 years of supply chain security experience can do for you.

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  • MD


    Seal will break at security cuts if removal is attempted. Rubber material absorbs natural movement.
  • Global Auto Loc Bolt Seal

    Global Auto Loc Bolt Seal

    The Global Auto Loc Bolt Seal is a specialty case hardened bolt seal designed primarily for railcar shipments of new automobiles.
  • Twist wire and rod bolt seal

    Twist Wire/Rod

    The Twist Rod is a low cost security bolt seal for use in many applications where high security and tamper indication is needed
  • Rail Bolt Seal

    Rail Bolt Seal

    The Rail Bolt Seal is a specialty case hardened bolt seal designed for railcar shipments of new automobiles in extreme security situations that require the strongest bolts available.
  • Vu Bolt Container Seal  - COMING SOON!

    Vu Bolt Container Seal - COMING SOON!

    COMING SOON - The Vu Bolt Container Seal is rated High Security per ISO 17712: 2013 and is C-TPAT compliant.
  • Intermodal II Bolt Seal

    Intermodal II Bolt Seal

    The Intermodal II Bolt container seals are designed for ISO containers and high value cargo shipments.
  • X-Strap Security Seal

    X-Strap Security Seal

    The X-Strap is a fixed length tamper-evident security seal manufactured with a thin strap.
  • indicative Plastic Security Seal Spring Lok

    Spring-Lok Security Seal

    The Spring-Lok is a self-locking, tamper indicating plastic seal with a unique hinge design.
  • Prong-Lok Pro-4 Seal

    Prong-Lok Pro-4 Seal

    A sealing tool provides a secure fit and a large flag provides room for embossed information.
  • Indicative Plastic Security Seal PP-4 Padlock seal

    Padlock PP-4 Seal

    The PP-4 is an all-purpose plastic padlock seal, designed to fit many applications for practical tamper-evidence.
  • Indicative Plastic Security Seal PP-3 Padlock seal

    Padlock PP-3 Seal

    The Plastic Padlock PP-3 is an all-purpose plastic padlock seal, designed with a pull-tight sealing strap.
  • Plastic Security Seal handilock padlock seal

    Handilok HL-8 Padlock Seal

    The Handilok HL-8 Plastic Padlock Seal is an easy to use padlock seal designed for application with one hand.
  • Griplock Coin Bag Seal - PN 651

    Griplock Coin Bag Seal - PN 651

    The Griplock Coin & Currency Bag Seal is an adjustable length plastic seal designed for sealing coin, currency and mail bags.
  • Indicative Tamper Evident Plastic Security Seal Gemini Tote Seal

    Gemini Tote-Seal

    The Gemini Tote Security Seal is a dual-numbered fixed length plastic tote security seal designed specifically to secure tote boxes used to transport merchandise from one location to another.
  • Alucast Security Seal

    Alucast Seal

    The Alucast #911 Seal, when used with wire, is the ideal lead seal replacement.
  • Super Bolt Seal

    Super Bolt Seal

    The Super Bolt Seal is a heavy duty case hardened bolt seal for applications requiring restricted access to the doors of trucks, containers, and railcars.
  • Rod Lock II

    Rod Lock II Bolt Seal

    The Rod Lock II is a single use bolt seal that is constructed of an all steel bolt and locking end.
  • Cone Loc Cable Seal

    Cone Loc Cable Seal

    The Reusable Cone Loc cable seal is a heavy-duty cargo security cable seal with reusable lock body and serialized tracking flag.
  • KC Tamper Evident Label

    KC Tamper Evident Label

    A clear vinyl material with a high tack adhesive where the security message is also produced as a transparent image.
  • KNRC Tamper Evident labels

    KNRC Tamper Evident Label

    Shows the word VOID if removed. No residue on the sealed surface.Clear Polyester backed with acrylic adhesive.
  • HS Padlock Seal

    HS Padlock Seal

    The High Strength Padlock Seal is a self-locking padlock with an acrylic body for long field life.

Items 31 to 60 of 66 total

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