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TydenBrooks Offers “Get-It-Now” Tamper Evident Security Seals & Safety Seals


TydenBrooks, a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of tamper evident security seals, announced today that customers can now have ready access to high security seals within two days of ordering. For transportation companies, airlines, retailers, manufacturers and others who require security seals to protect their goods, these tamper evident seals are ready to ship in standard configurations with no minimum order size.

“TydenBrooks has the largest inventory of tamper evident security seals in the world but often customers just need to solve a problem immediately and can’t wait for custom development or shipping,” said Rick Zipf, TydenBrooks Executive Vice President. “Offering ready to ship security seals that are available in stock, enables customers to find exactly what they need right away, purchase online, and get it in two days. This saves them time and money.”

“Get it now” tamper evident security seals include:

Tyden Ball Seal – a fixed length flat metal strap seal that has been the global standard for tamper evident indicative truck seals.
Snap Tracker – is a barrier class bolt seal, designed for securing high value cargo.
Tug Tight – is an ideal security seal for situations requiring varying seal lengths.
Equilok Seal – is an adjustable, pull-tight tamper evident seal manufactured out of high density polyethylene and acetal (HDPA).
Plastic Truck Seal – is a tamper evident plastic truck seal that provides superior tamper resistance due to its patented acetal locking chamber.
Spring-Lok – is a self-locking, tamper indicating plastic seal with a unique hinge design.

TydenBrooks also stocks “get it now” security seals that are Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) compliant and conform to the ISO 17712 standards for security seals that went into effect in May 2014. These tamper evident seals help the trade community to strengthen international supply chains and improve United States border security.

FlexSecure FS35 – this Cable Seal rates high security per ISO 17712:2013 testing standard and is C-TPAT and PIP compliant.
• Econo Bolt – is an ISO 17712:2013 compliant high security bolt and designed for cost-effectiveness.
Snap Tracker – this barrier class bolt seal, designed for securing high value cargo is also compliant with ISO 17712 standards for security seals.

While TydenBrooks offers standard configurations of tamper evident adjustable length seals, fixed-length seals, cable seals and bolt seals, custom versions of these products are also available. Minimum quantities apply to custom orders.

To learn more about the benefits of the “Get it now” security seals and the specific products involved, just call 1-800-458-SEAL or visit the company website at:

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